"Not having written poetry for decades, I felt drawn to take Susan’s workshop. It was just what I needed. I was beginning to see how words expanded my images, and how my images took words to places words alone could not go. My work took off in exciting new directions. Susan's insights, exercises, knowledge as a writer and photographer herself, make the whole experience something I will always treasure. She creates a wonderfully enriching environment that truly nurtures growth and personal vision.” 
Former Student, Photography Instructor at St. Paul’s Academy  



SEPTEMBER 29 - OCTOBER 1: SOUL CAMP at Field Guide in Stowe, Vermont:

A weekend adventure led with Halle Becker, New York City's legendary yoga and Soul Cycle instructor. Namaste, Farm to Table and Creative Space. Gather with us for a weekend adventure like no other in the heart of Stowe village at Field Guide.  SOUL CAMP is now sold out.  Please be in touch if you wish to be placed on a wait list, or to learn more about future installments.




"By all means use sometimes to be alone, salute thyself.  See what thy soul doth wear, dare to look into thy chest: for 'tis thy own: and tumble up and down what thou find's there."

Henry David Thoreau went to the woods in order to live “more deliberately”.  This workshop salutes the 200th anniversary of his birth with a nod to his approach of emptying oneself of the commotion of the world and reconnecting with our authentic voice.  A rich currency pulses in the images we make - lyrics unspoken.  In this weeklong immersion, participants are invited to gather up some of their best kept photographs and join Author and Photographer Susan Currie for a journey inward using photographic images as prompts for creative writing.  In a small batch setting, in the off-season’s quiet, the program will probe and explore a series of deliberate exercises designed to still the mind and move beyond obstacles which may be stalling their flow.  The workshop will include guided meditation incorporating the natural world, purposeful study of the myriad possibilities for combining words and images, white space journaling beauty, and group discussion.  Treat yourself to Rockport this winter - the perfect immersion for writers and photographers of all levels.  Register here...