the daily inhale...

many thanks for inhaling these words and images and sharing them with kindred spirits over the past many years.  the original intention with this series was to (simply) prompt a pause in which one might take a breath or two and pivot their attention towards some merrier (or mightier) direction...

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shadow cuts

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shadow cuts


a greater version of me…

it exists within

some where

so i sit, still

to unwrap the sluggish one


still, but fluid

quarrying space,

and time


still, but expanding

inching closer

in body, in heart

… in mind


to dwell unhindered like the breeze

not caught in a net

shadow cuts,

and this could happen

to me?


“sit still,” it was ordered

but never coached how

as the chilled pines do 

so precisely

on the shortest day


opting out...

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and the poem...

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fashion statements...

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the voice

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a relaxed fusion of photographic images, poetic verse, and white space for journaling, GRACENOTES unfolds with ease, tempering the clamor of the day. crafted in the author’s signature lyrical flow, her words and images mirror back to one another, creating for the reader a field of quiet contemplation. the diffused light of its pages extends a respite for readers and writers of all levels. 


picture this...

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true blue...

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