the daily inhale...

many thanks for inhaling these words and images and sharing them with kindred spirits over the past many years.  the original intention with this series was to (simply) prompt a pause in which one might take a breath or two and pivot their attention towards some merrier (or mightier) direction...

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how the world is...

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hey jack kerouac

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like begonias...

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first of all

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subtraction, subtraction...

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Staying Astonished...

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Each time I muster the energy to pitch my work to an editor or a call for submissions I need to remind myself that, regardless of the outcome, I will learn from the process. Through my 20 plus years of creating, the rejections (and occasional success) have generated a host of surprises and in turn taught me much.

Last winter, right around now, as I was heading out to drive my son to school, I paused for a moment to pack my camera along for the ride.  Maybe I could build an adventure into my routine?  As luck would have it, a winter storm was just beginning its swirl.  After the drop-off, I went home by another way in order to take in (and be astonished by) a beloved New England farm freshly dusted in snow.  Fast forward to now...  My "astonishment" appears on the cover of the brand new winter edition of The Tishman Review.  Always a lesson!  What an honor to be in the company of so much literary and other talent.  Print copies are available through the magazine's website.  


the richest fluency

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directions and indirections

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subtler than all poems...

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